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20-Minute Stories

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by Rebecca Roanhorse
Published in Uncanny, 17 min read
Tagged: Fantasy, Relationships
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Miss Beulah’s Braiding and Life Change Salon
by Eden Royce
Published in Lightspeed, 10 min read
Tagged: Djinn, Religion and Myth, Fantasy, Magic
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by Aurko Maitra
Published in AGNI, 19 min read
Tagged: Crime, Family, Loss, Literary
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The Goatkeeper's Harvest
by Tobi Ogundiran
Published in The Dark, 20 min read
Tagged: Horror
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Spider Season, Fire Season
by Carlie St. George
Published in Nightmare, 19 min read
Tagged: Ghosts, Abuse, Horror
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Love, Bao
by Anthony Nguyen
Published in Mistake House, 19 min read
Tagged: Literary, Family, Relationships
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Wanted: Girls, 18–25 yrs, 5’7” & Up
by Laura Perkins
Published in Failbetter, 19 min read
Tagged: Literary, Abuse, Work
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Blue and Blue and Blue and Pink
by Lavie Tidhar
Published in Clarkesworld, 17 min read
Tagged: Science Fiction
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The Bone-Stag Walks
by KT Bryski
Published in Lightspeed, 17 min read
Tagged: Fantasy
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Dead Girls Have No Names
by Claire Wrenwood
Published in Nightmare, 17 min read
Tagged: Death, Horror
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